What is Endpoint Security? An Easy Guide 101

As a small company, however, it was simply investing in growth and scale as well as its technology. For the last 2.5 years, SentinelOne has been heavily improving its profitability, delivering its tenth consecutive quarter of over 25 points of improvement YoY. Given the market reaction it seems investors were underwhelmed by this guidance. On the https://www.topforexnews.org/investing/investing-in-penny-stocks-is-almost-always-a-bad/ earnings call, management said it provided a prudent guidance without necessarily looking for massive beats and raises. Nevertheless, it did call out its focus on achieving profitability this year as one of the bottlenecks in delivering (investing for) higher growth. After the latest sell-off, I am doubling down on my longstanding bullish call.

By integrating these advanced features into a single platform, SentinelOne offers a robust, future-proof solution that goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional antivirus software. Traditional endpoint protection systems are hobbled against any malware that displays characteristics they don’t recognize. SentinelOne, for example, works by tapping the running processes of every endpoint it’s hooked into. The idea is that while it’s quite easy for malware authors to hide the characteristics of their malicious software, it’s much more difficult to hide what they’re doing. Endpoint Security protects user endpoints (desktop workstations, laptops, and mobile devices) from threats such as malware, ransomware, and zero-days.

  1. Depending upon the solution, this is accomplished by leveraging an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud approach.
  2. This worked until the rise of SaaS programs (with its accompanying bugbear, Shadow IT) revolutionized computing and made firewalls less effective by increasing the network’s open and unmonitored ports.
  3. ​​Knowing what is connected to your network is key to cybersecurity success.
  4. We are committed to staying a step ahead of attackers by continuously evolving our technology and expertise.
  5. The EPP market essentially uses a SaaS management console, delivered as a cloud service instead of being installed and operated from on-prem infrastructure.

With over 30 years in strategic, operational, and advisory roles, he has led workplace- and industry-shaping transformations in mobility, cloud, and cybersecurity. Prior to joining SentinelOne, Vats served as President/COO at ColorTokens, Chief Strategy Officer/SVP at PANW, Corporate VP of Motorola Mobility, and Head of Global Business Operations for Google Cloud. As a Partner with McKinsey & Co., he advised Fortune 500 CEOs and CxOs on strategy, technology, and operations.

Machine learning processes are proficient at predicting where an attack will occur. Security tools may use things like out-of-band monitoring to make the surveillance more robust and to catch viruses, malware and other kinds of attacks early. From a computer the order matching engine security perspective, “endpoint” will most likely refer to a desktop or laptop. Servers and VMs fall into cloud workload protection, while mobile devices (phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc.) fall into a specialized category of mobile threat defense.

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SentinelOne prices vary according to the number of deployed endpoint agents. To grow your career in the cybersecurity space, please check out our open positions and submit your resume via our Jobs section. The SentinelOne SDK, complete with documentation, is available to all SentinelOne customers directly from the Management console. The SentinelOne API is a RESTful API and is comprised of 300+ functions to enable 2-way integration with other security products. All APIs are well documented directly within the UI using Swagger API referencing and include facilities for developers to test their code.

If you have specific questions about SentinelOne’s capabilities or need further information, I recommend reaching out to SentinelOne Support or your Technical Account Manager. The agent on the endpoint performs static and dynamic behavioral analysis pre- and on-execution. An endpoint is the place where communications originate, and where they are received—in essence, any device that can be connected to a network. In 2015, SentinelOne introduced the first endpoint security solution using behavioral AI, a significant step in reinventing endpoint security.

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Divya Ghatak is the Chief People Officer of SentinelOne, leading the organization’s People, Talent, Foundation, and Workplace functions. She has enabled the company’s hypergrowth and expansion plans while strengthening an amazing company culture through purposeful hiring that prioritizes talent, experience, diversity, and culture fit for all candidates. Prior to SentinelOne, Divya was Global VP of People at Nevro and CPO at GoodData. She has also held global HR leadership roles at a variety of tech companies, including Cisco and Tavant. Divya received her Master’s in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration from Tata Institute of Social Science and her Bachelor of Arts in Economics with honors from Delhi University. As Chief Financial Officer of SentinelOne, David Bernhardt brings a proven track record of driving financial growth and positioning hyper-growth businesses for successful public market exits for more than 20 years.

GitLab (GTLB), whose guidance is dipping below 30%, is valued at an 11x forward multiple. Four more companies with a double digit forward P/S and/despite lower than 30% growth are HubSpot (HUBS), The Trade Desk (TTD), https://www.day-trading.info/how-does-a-crypto-exchange-work-learn-center/ ServiceNow (NOW) and Atlassian (TEAM). Even Veeva (VEEV), which is growing in the low teens at best, is valued at a 13x multiple. Revenue for the year grew 47% to $621M, of which $174M in Q4, marking 38% growth.

Can SentinelOne scale to protect large environments with 100,000-plus endpoints?

One of the key features that SentinelOne offers for remote work security is the Remote Shell. This is a powerful troubleshooting tool that allows you to open full shell capabilities – PowerShell on Windows and Bash on macOS and Linux – directly and securely from the Management Console. This feature enables faster troubleshooting without physical contact with an endpoint, increased support for remote end users without visits to IT, and easy changes to local configurations for remote endpoints. Instead, the SentinelOne data science team trains our AI / ML models in our development lab to help improve detection and protection, as well as reduce the false positive rate. SentinelOne is designed to prevent all kinds of attacks, including those from malware. SentinelOne also uses on-execution Behavioral AI technologies that detect anomalous actions in real time, including fileless attacks, exploits, bad macros, evil scripts, cryptominers, ransomware and other attacks.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single, purpose-built agent powered by machine learning and automation. In addition to its security platform, SentinelOne also offers MDR and professional services, such as threat hunting and incident response, to help organizations respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. The company’s products and services primarily target enterprise-level organizations, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Consolidate disparate vendors, reduce training time, and accelerate your time to discovery and response with everything you need in one place. Customers can report issues or bugs to SentinelOne through the SentinelOne Support. They can reach out via email to [email protected] as seen in the conversation history. Additionally, they can open a support ticket through the SentinelOne Support portal. It’s important to provide detailed information about the issue, including any relevant logs or screenshots, to help the support team diagnose and resolve the problem more efficiently.


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